The studio, the relationships, the constraints of expectation; they all had to go. Certain lessons can only be learned by living them all the way through. They may be repetitive themes but often the lessons we need to learn are tied to our purpose and our passion. Through the learning we grow in our most potent dimensions. Dharma. I will be tested by boundaries, I will be challenged to create and maintain them. So often we hold on out of pride and shame. If we let go, we might lose, then what?

The idea of losing is scary. It’s said that the root of all human stress can be distilled into two basic fears; losing what we have and not getting what we want. Attachment, it’s the basis for all of our suffering. When we see that this is true then the work of healing is to practice non-attachment, which isn’t the same as detachment. Non attachment is the art of desire without expectation, it’s the magic of effort without frustration. How sweetly, how passionately can we live without strangling the life out of every joy we experience?

Letting go doesn’t have to be the end, in fact it could be the most beautiful of all beginnings.